Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Spoon-flower 'Coffee' theme

Coffee based theme for this weeks competition

Tigerprint Top 28 finalist

Hello everyone, I'd like to show you all the entry which got me through to the top 28 of Tigerprints latest competition . It the highest i've managed to achieve so far, so Im very pleased with myself.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

iPod Skin

A customer contacted me wanting a personalised iPod skin for her iTouch. She has 8 grandchildren, and wanted something "tribal tattoo" like, incorporating her grandchildren's names. She was one happy Lady.

more designs

Spoonflower competition entries

black and white


Roller Derby


Caroline Gardner Competition entry

whoops I did it again!

I see its been Too Long since my last post (6 months or so). Lets see what Ive been up to shall we???

Tigerprint Competitions

Character Vehicle Competition (to be turned into jigsaws)

Hand drawn competition

Word Competition

Contemporary Mothers day

Retro Gaming designs for Tigerprints latest competition based on the theme "male pattern'.