Sunday, 27 May 2012


This week is the last week of SPD course for Module one.

Im a little sad that the last 5 weeks have gone so fast, and I have learned so much about Surface Pattern Design, and for that, I am eternally greatful to Rachael and Beth (So thank you girls).

I am enrolled onto module 2 and 3, so this isn't the end of my journey yet. I'm hoping to gain more insight into the business side of Surface Pattern Design, as eventually, I would love to work freelance while raising my children at home.

One thing that I have come to realise through this course is that I haven't really been utilising my skills as a SPD to the fullest. As I have said in the past, I used to only create my drawings using my Wacom and Illustrator (limiting my outcomes), and never owned a sketchbook. I now own 3 sketchbooks, filled with fabulous motifs, backgrounds and inspiration that I have been using to create my best pieces of work.

Technically, I thought I knew every thing I needed to about AI, but I was wrong. I have learned so many new skills, features and shortcuts (a godsend), thanks to Thursdays 'bonus technical workshops'. Those are priceless pieces of information that have helped me build up my bank of AI knowledge.

My fellow ASPD friends have helped me to no end, with their collective knowledge, thoughts and supportive words, and for that I am thankful. We have gone so far as to set up a Facebook group, to continue helping each other in future ventures. I am happy that the Flickr group will stay open and become a source of support for all 269 of us. Their words of encouragement and support are priceless, and makes me smile. I enjoy seeing such a diverse range of designs from the group, Its so inspiring.

Below I have posted a few designs that have been Placed into products, It was exciting to do. I must admit, I love the thought of my designs being 'good enough' to actually put onto products.

 One Day.



Time For Tea

Fruity Loops

Tweety Birds Collection

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Non repeat patterns

This week on SPD, we focused on PATTERN.
 In particular, placement prints
This is not something I have dabbled in much, I often favour repeats when it comes to making a pattern. However, once again, I've come to love this new way of working. 

Below is an example of the designs I have created: 


Friday, 18 May 2012


This week on SPD is all about pattern.

I usually work with Florals, its my favourite motif to design with, but I wanted to experiment with something different, and doodled some birds, while I had 5 spare minutes:

 I tried a variety of Colour-ways with this design, and i'm amazed by how a simple colour change, can alter the whole design. 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Spoonflower 'Hand drawn' Competition

Here is my entry for The new Spoonflower Competition. the theme is 'hand drawn'. It took several days to complete this as I really wanted to think about what I was drawing before I focused on layout and colour. I created Layers by using tracing paper on top of initial motifs to add detail. 

Here are a small selection of the Motifs I used to complete the design. 

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Playing with Motifs

Here I scanned and edited some line drawings I doodled while on the Train on day. These are the results:

©J.L.Whitham Illustration    


Building colour

More focus on colour here.

 Here is how I Built up the colour on a design I created, begining with White:

Add an accent colour

Add a second colour

And so on...
(Background opacity was adjusted for the final stages)

Until a complete colour palette is created:

Variations of the Design:

Working with colour

This has to be the most FUN topic for me. I have never been fantastic where colour is concerned. I usually pick whatever colours I like before I design.

This week I was introduced to selecting colour from photographs, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here is a selection of what I have created this week.

           All images are subject to copyright to ©J.L.Whitham Illustration   

To create these colour palettes I used Kular.

These designs were created using the colour palettes above.



Monday, 7 May 2012

Making patterns from motifs

This week we focused on motif's and creating simple patterns from them. 

To begin I drew a butterfly which I re drew from a piece of work I felt inspired by. I re drew it in my own style and digitally created the same version. This was for my benefit, to see which I preferred ( as i usually favour digital, this time I didn't. 

These are several variations on the original Butterfly:

A simple Background drawing

The original Motif

And here we have a simple repeat design in a varierty of colourways.
(all images ©J.L.Whitham Illustration)   


 This is the mood-board, that inspired the above design.