Monday, 18 March 2013

Sock-it-to-me Competition Feature Special


How have you all been? 

Today I intend to share a little bit of creative awesomeness in the shape of a SOCK. 

Well several socks actually. 

Every year a fab company called 'Sock it to me' hold a competition to design a pair of socks. This is such a novel and fun idea. Not only does it allow us to expand our portfolio's and potentially win a prize, but it allows us to have some FUN with designing. 

Novelty socks make the world go around after all. 

I created 2 designs, with the intention of creating 3 more, but never did get around to it. But I love what I created and submitted regardless. Quite a few of my fellow ABSPD ladies entered also, as well as lots of my Twitter tribe, so I decided to do a call out to share some of the amazing designs that have been entered. 

Feast your eyes on some awesome socki-ness.

Designed by me  

Chloe Wood Designs:

Jessica Lewis:

Andy Bauer: 'Retro Bowling'

Hannah Byatt:

Piia Podersalu: 

Jolene Heckman 

Pattern Addict (Gill Eggleston)

Michelle Nilson

Anneline Gregory

Keep an eye out on my blog for the results of the competition. I'm pretty confident that lots of these amazing designs will make the shortlist. 

Until then, why not let me know which is your pick of the pair?

Until Next Time.