Saturday, 18 January 2014

Tropical fusion bloghop - Welcome

Hello there,  and welcome to my little slice of Tropical Heaven. 

If you have reached me, you have either come directly to me from the lovely Lesley Todd's page, or you have found me completely randomly. 

Either way, I'm happy you stopped by. 

I LOVED this years theme for the Blog-hop, I think Pantones colour of the year is fabulous, very bright and inviting, just like my patterns. 

I have supplied my requested 3 designs, minimum requirements for this weekends antics. I had fun playing with the colours, the motifs and the patterns. 

Because Patterns are just amazing. 

I LOVE doing mocks ups for my patterns... here's some lovely notebooks. 

Have fun, enjoy browsing, and head on over the the fabulously talented Trina E's Blog. I imagine its super fantastic, I know she spent weeks working on these designs.

A Few Links for you, just in case you are lost: 

First Blog: Mary Tanana
Previous Blog: Lesley todd
Next Blog: Trina E

My Website has just been launched. When you've had fun browsing the Blog-hop, take a peek and let me know what you think: