Friday, 28 December 2012

Seasons Greetings - a Post Christmas blog

Did we all have a Merry Christmas? 

I'm glad to hear it. 

So did I....... 

And so did the Children......

We left Santa a mug of warm milk and a chocolate cake, because the kids reckoned he would have had enough mince pies by the time he reached our house.....

My LOVE of all things Tea related is well documented amongst my family and friends, so naturally I received Hot Beverage related items from Santa.

My Bestie in the whole wide world, re-upholstered a Chair in my 'Hand drawn Flowers' fabric. it now sits pride of place beside my desk. Too lovely to actually use.....

I just wish the Kitten would leave it alone.....

And my amazing Husband has this waiting for me under the Tree. My very own Rachael Taylor iPad2 case. 

Just Yummy isn't it?

I had a little bit of spare time to create myself a 2013 Diary amongst all the chaos of Christmas. I used the 'hand drawn flowers' swatch I had ordered from Spoonflower a while back. I used a basic £1 diary and gave it a nice new coat.............


And finally, Christmas is all about the family. And I got to spend some time with my Husband, Sister and Brother-in-law at a chinese buffet a couple of towns over. Me and Wayne rarely get the opportunity to have our photo's taken together, so I am happy to have forced my sister into taking one. 

Me and my eldest daughter Carla, and with her cousin Harvey 

After all that celebrating and enjoying time with Family and Special Friends. Im quite glad that I can now spend time concentrating on making my 2013 a memorable one. 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Advent Doodle - Week 2

Here are our updated 'Advent Doodles'. We have added another weeks worth of drawings, and I must confess I actually banned the children from adding to them once or twice for misbehaving.... kids were NOT best pleased.

Find out more about the Advent Doodle HERE by the lovely Faye Brown. 

And we featured on her blog last week, read about that HERE. 

Lets share my attempt's first....

So my Elf looks a little insane and I cheated on the 'Three OF Kings', but I gave Rudolf a red nose. So I made up for it..... 

Carla - Age 8......

Copied my evil elf idea, and bah humbug'd on the Christmas Carol section. She doesn't like her 3 wise men, because she wishes she drew a 3 of kings (as if it actually exists)....

Alexander - Age 5......

My little pattern finder did a good job here. Said he didn't know 'how to draw the christmas spirit' so drew a stocking instead. And decided Rudolph needed lots of planets around him..... as did Santa's elf. 

Oh.. and his 3 wise men are now Aliens....

Come back next week for the final 8 doodles. 

Until next time. 

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday Blog - ETSY FINDS : Christmas card Special

Welcome back and thanks to all that had a peek at our Advent Doodle attempts so far....

happy dance

Today's Etsy Finds is a little special, as it is CHRISTMAS related. 
I love Christmas, its so fun, and merry and bright. 

A few weeks ago I put a shout out on Twitter for any creatives who wanted to take part in a Christmas Card swap. I had lots of interest and swapped some of my cards with 3 lovely ladies from various parts of the country. 

Here are their Etsy stores so you can see what beauties I have in my possession:

Worthy Designs 

Sarah Catherine Designs 

Sarah Fleming

Contact sarah via her FB page to purchase any cards, or have a peek at her work:

Now I just need to decide which lucky recipients will receive such LUSH cards. 

Lets KEEP GOING.......

Not one to be biased on just sharing Etsy Finds, here are some Fabulous Folky Finds from:

Kate Marsden

These are just Super cute, Super Simple and Super Festive. 

Thats all for now Folks. 


Advent Doodle Challenge - Faye Brown

Etsy Finds blog post will be along shortly, With a Greeting Card Special. So make sure you come back later for that....

But for now, I'd like to share a fun little Festive challenge, set by the lovely Faye Brown.

She has created this fabulous Advent Doodle challenge and my children have decided to join me in this little venture to create 25 festive little doodles. 

See Faye's blogpost about the challenge HERE

And these are our Daily Challenges:

Image belongs to Faye Brown Designs. 

We have completed the first 9 days, as we started late.

My son Alexander is just 5, and still learning to grip a pencil, so mummy had to help with the details a little: 

Carla is 8 years old, and loves to fill every square space of white with patterns:

And here we have my attempt...
 Im quite happy with black and white for now: 

I will blog every week, with visual updates on our little challenge. The kids had so much fun, they are looking forward to coming home from school and adding to the challenge. 

Until Next time. 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

iPhone License - Iconemesis

Welcome back.....

I'm super happy to share that my license with Iconemesis has officially begun. 

Originally my Pretty Paradise design was being used for iPhone 5 cases, but they are now available on iPhone 4/4s cases also. 

Please take a peek here. 

 For a Limited period, there is a 20% discount on this design using code: ICON220 at the checkout. 

Dont forget to check out my fellow ABSPD classmates designs who also gained a License with Iconemesis. 

Have a Great Day. 

Monday, 3 December 2012

Monday Blog post: Etsy Finds

A day late...

I know, how terrible of me. 

Before I share this weeks Gorgeous Etsy Finds, I'd like to thank Rachael Taylor for featuring me on her lovely blog today. Its such an honour to be showcased by someone who I have admired for many years. 

Thank you.

View the blog post here

Moving on......

Worthy Designs

I had the pleasure of doing a Christmas Card swap with Gillian, of Worthy Designs, and I absolutely love these cards, and I'm unsure I could actually give them to people this year, I want to keep them. 

(Click image to see Etsy store)

Tree Hill Cloud

Here we have some gorgeous Christmas Cards by Natalie of Tree Hill Cloud.......

.....and some gorgeous Digital Prints:

Hello Dodo

I Follow Hello Dodo on Twitter and absolutely love their prints, I just had to feature them here today:

This is my favourite design:

Until Next Time.