Sunday, 29 April 2012

Development from Motif to pattern

This evening I decided to use a few of my motifs and line drawings to create a few simple repeats. My usual technique for designing is to draw immediately into Illustrator with my Bamboo Wacom pen. 

Not Today: 

4 simple line drawings in my spare time, have created 3 fabulous (in my opinion) designs. Its changed the way I think about drawing for my designs. And I LOVE it. 

All images are Copyright to J.L.Whitham Illustrations


I do miss hand drawing

A quick update to showcase a few drawings I have created under the guidance of Rachael Taylor, as part of her Ecourse.

I have had a fantastic first week, thoroughly enjoyed spending my evenings drawing for fun, and not for business, its been liberating, exciting and most of all FUN.

Heres what ive drawn so far: (All images are copyrighted to J.L.Whitham Illustrations)

Taking aspects of this photograph I selected elements and re-drew them in a variety of ways: 

Enlarge a small part

Layer a motif


 Manipulated in Illustrator to create a basic repeat 

 Another Motif

Manipulated in Illustrator to create several basic repeats

A selection of drawings from my sketchbook