Sunday, 26 May 2013

#365Pattern Project WEEK ONE!

Hello All, 

Things have slowed down here finally, so I have had the opportunity to start the #365 Project which was originally started here by The CaravanShoppe.

The idea is basic, create one pattern a day for a year. 
A whole 365 days. 

I wanted to take part a while back, I know some people started Jan 1st and are well on their way with the project and I have seen some fantastic work, especially from Sam Osborne and Julie Hamilton of Artistically Afflicted. 

So here I share day 1-7 with you all. And I must say, it has been nice to design so freely with the only barrier being my colour palette (I have restricted it). 

Isn't is amazing how one set of 7 colours can come across so different in each design below? 

Enjoy the view. 

P.S You can view each day's design in the #365Pattern Tab above. 

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