Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I've been unwell....

....Thats my excuse for lack of posts anyway. 

I apologise for not doing Etsy Finds on Sunday, I just couldn't muster the energy to search the food cupboards for a snack, nevermind the wonders of Etsy for glorious eye candy. 

I'll make it up to you. 

At some point. 

Moving forward, maybe you've noticed the new layout? Its only a slight modification, but I wanted to share links to my fellow ABSPD ladies, and thought I best give them their very own column, they deserve it after all. 

I've also just added a YOUBLOG list to the left, as I will be regularly blogging over at Tigerprint's new online feature, where lots of lovely designers will join me in blogging about all sorts design related. Click the links to the left to see my first two posts. 

Also, I had a little feature on Print and Pattern yesterday, it was awesome and unexpected and hopefully you all saw it?

You did? Brilliant. 

Lets keep it moving. Here is this weeks Spoonflower entry. The theme was 'Under the Sea' and was to be placed inside a little girls T-shirt as part of a collaboration between Spoonflower and One Yard Wonders . See here for more info.

Finally, I have expanded my product ranges, There's some awesome new products, Courtesy of Awesome Merchandise. 

Pocket Mirrors: 

Mini Badges


And some Products I have made myself, including Key-rings, Coasters and Fridge Magnets. 

All available to purchase Via My Etsy Store: 

Until Next Time