Thursday, 26 April 2012

The art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (EEEEK!)

Ok so, I've had a little time off Blogging, but hopefully I am now back into the swing of things, after starting the amazing 'Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design' ecourse, Featuring Rachael Taylor

I am 4 days in, and already thanking my lucky stars that I found this course. I've yet to put pencil to paper, because I actually fear my sketchbook, and feel an urge to draw straight onto my computer. I must put away the Wacom Tablet. 

I hope to keep a Weekly Blog with my updates and showcase some of my work, inspiration and problems that might occur. Im also hoping my blog might take me somewhere in the future. 

The first week of the course delves in to 'inspiration'. As beautiful as nature is, I've never really used it as a source of inspiration, even though I do tend to draw flowers constantly. However, already I have learned that pattern is EVERYWHERE in nature, and really is the best source of inspiration to draw from. Here are the images I took which I (fully) intend to draw from (this evening, I promise). 


A mini task set for us was to pick a shape and use them to create some patterns, motifs and generally have a play around. 

To get into the swing of things, I pulled out my stash of buttons. simply laying them randomly on the bed of my scanner, I then used Illustrator (*slaps wrist) to change the outlines, colour and textures of the buttons. These are the results. 

What will be done with these I am yet to find out, I may never use them again, I may come back to them and incorporate them into a design. But for now, they are simply.... Here.