Sunday, 6 October 2013

Post Maternity Leave

Well Hello, it's been a while. I've had some time away to have my 4th child, who arrived 8 days late on 7th September 2013. He's beautiful, amazing and totally worth the wait. 

So even in my absence, I have still been busy behind the scenes. I've a few things to share with you which I'm sure is more exciting for me than it is for yourselves, but I'm sharing anyway. 

1. I am now a member of the MOYO DIRECTORY

There is quite a large catalogue of designers on there, and I'm squished amongst them. So if you get the chance, take a peek at some of my collections, and let em know what you think and don't forget to <3 font="" me="" nbsp="" too:="">

2. The second edition of the Little White book has gone live, alongside the Find New Designers Website, to which I am also a member of. 
Again, there are quite a few other amazing designers on there, but I am proud of Gill for spending the hundreds of (wo)man hours in completing it. So well done Gill, you've done a cracking job. 

My profile can be found here:
(Click Image to be re-directed)

3. I've been working hard alongside Keka Cases to get the templates completed for some new products. Now I have available 10 iPad/Kindle cases to purchase directly from the Keka website and they now ship to the UK. 

But the exciting news is that soon you will all be able to purchase my designs on iPhone and Samsung cases too. 

And on AMAZON UK!!! 

I am one of the designers selected by Amazon and Keka cases to have my designs released first. That is amazing news for me. 

4. Finally I have recently found out that I will be published in the up and coming ' New Pattern' book. More details coming soon about this. 

Until next time.