Thursday, 31 January 2013

FREEBIE: February Calendar Printable

Hello and welcome back. 

My posts have been few and far between (two in the month of January), I apologise....

Morning sickness really is a  bitch  bugger to handle. 

But I'm coming back through the other end and I'm beginning to feel more human, more sociable. 

So I will be posting more often...

Get used to it :-) 


As Promised, here is the link for FEBRUARY'S freebie calendar download which was created by the fabulous Tiffany Designs. Find out more about Tiffany Designs over on Majo's Blog.

(see link below)

This is just a teeny tiny low res file, so please DO NOT download it from here....

And don't forget, my calendar is coming up in the next few month, so come back and download mine. 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Little White Book......

Well Hello there. Did you enjoy the blog-hop??


 It was a massive success, lots of positive feedback about my new collection, which is always good news. 


Have you all seen that little logo, the white on juuuust to the right of the screen?

>>>>>>>>>>>>THIS ONE>>>>>>>>>>>


 click on it... 


It will take you to a resource... an AMAZING collection of designers, all compact into the little, tiny white book of awesomeness. 

Not only are you provided with over 80 pages of eye candy designs, but details of HOW to contact us, should you want to commission or offer a freelance opportunity. 

Its an agents DREAM, and its right there.... for all to see.

So go see... 

Heres Me, page 34.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

BLOG HOP- Welcome

Well, Hello there....

You are probably joining me from the fabulous blog of Mary Tanana, also known as Groovity Designs. I love Mary's designs, they are so bright, bold and vivid. What a fabulous collection she created. 

Before I talk a little bit about myself, I'd just like to thank Rosie of Believe Creative Studio for curating this fantastic event, and also to MajoBV for designing the fabulous Flyer. 

Okay, time for me to shine. 

My collection was inspired by the theme of 'flight', and influenced by Pantone's 2013 colour 'emerald'. I also needed to create a collection of Valentines designs to be sent to the printers in time for the big day (14th February in the UK). 

Lets kill 2 birds with one stone, I thought. 
(Pun Intended)

©JLW Illustration 2013

The Brief said 3 designs to create a mini collection. But I'll be honest, I struggled to reign myself in and stop. So here we have 4, one with several colour variations. 

Naughty me. 

©JLW Illustration 2013

©JLW Illustration 2013

©JLW Illustration 2013

©JLW Illustration 2013

So, What will I be doing with these designs? Seems a shame to just leave them sat in a file on my computer, don't you agree?

The colours are very on trend, and the theme is currently relevant, given its valentines day soon. 

But I also think they could be used for many 'female' occasions...

Mothers Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Well Wishes etc.

So this is what I came up with:

Blank Notebooks

 Click image to take you to my Etsy store, which now sells these items

 Cards and GiftTags:

  Click image to take you to my Etsy store, which now sells these items

 These are now available to buy in my Etsy store, and I shall be expanding the range to Keyrings, cushions, coasters, fridge magnets in the very near future. 

Anyway, I've shared enough eye candy with you for now. Time to pass you forward to the brilliant Cara Holland of Pattern Booth

Enjoy the rest of the Bloghop, and please please do follow right through until the end, it's really worth the time and effort. There's too much talent amongst this bunch to miss even one blog.

NOTE: This blog runs until Sunday Midnight. 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Blog Swap - Welcome Decorque

New Year, New Blog Feature. 

Today I Welcome My First Contributor To My (Hopefully) Regular BLOG-SWAP. I Have Been Followed By, And Following Decorque For Some Time Now On Twitter, And Have Had A Lot Of Interaction With Them. Decorque Already Feature Other Designers On Their Blog And If You Head On Over There Now, You Will Find My Feature Today On Their Blog And That Of Other Talented Designers. 

Hello, this is Harriet R Stevens – designer at Decorque. Firstly we would like to say a huge Thank You to Jennie for having us on her blog and agreeing to a series of contributor posts & blog swaps with us, on all things creative! Looking forward to plenty more exciting posts!

So I guess you are all wondering who we are and what Decorque is all about? Well here’s a little bit our business and what inspires us!

Decorque is a family-run business which launched in September 2012 – comprising of a talented team of four that manage all areas of the business; from graphic design, eCommerce & SEO, social media & surface pattern design. We are pretty lucky to have such a multi-talented team with diverse skills!

Decorque’s founder & head designer Lesley Rudman Stevens has been working in the textile and fashion industry all her life, and decided to apply her unique and highly decorative fashion-led designs to home, wall art & stationery products through an eCommerce business. 

Decorque aims to bring new, different products to the market, such as our Cork placemat & coaster ranges. We digitally print our designs onto the eco-friendly, premium cork surface to create hard wearing, heat resistant, and practical yet warm & beautiful decorative items for the home. Bet you haven’t seen anything like this range before!?

We turn this……into this.

Alongside these, we also take our designs onto Opaline Plastic placemats, Art Prints, Greetings Cards & Tags, and we are now expanding into coordinating Office products.

We are always inspired, whether that be through fashion or interior trends, graphic design, things we find on Pinterest, artists or via other retailers, for example. The main thing you can say about Decorque is that we LOVE pattern! We also love to combine media – by mixing hand drawn & painted elements with Photoshop & Illustrator components to create that unique design full of depth & interest. We like to take surface pattern to a new level!

We have been working hard over the last few months to build our brand awareness and will continue to expand our ranges into 2013. Along the way we have had the opportunity to work alongside some hugely creative and inspiring individuals and small businesses, and have formed a strong network of creatives who inspire us daily! We’d like to thank them all for their continued support and look forward to more collaborations this year.

We currently sell on our website, through etsy and folksy as well as partaking in offline craft, gift & art fairs in our local area. We will be looking to expand our outlets over the next year or so, and welcome any creative & licensing opportunities, also if you fancy a creative read, please do visit our successful blog, covering all creative topics as well as features by other designers, like the lovely Jennie, whose post is live NOW!

Other ways you can contact us are through:




Main site:

Blog site:

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Lets start 2013 with a BANG......


I know, I'm a few days late......

But I've been busy with the family and life isn't quite back to normal yet...

But lets start 2013 with a


Myself and 11 other amazingly talented designers have done a little 12 month long collaboration. 

Together we have created a FREE 2013 calendar, available for all to download from MuyMajo's blog, the creator of the collaboration. 

Download January's calendar, created by Majo from HERE.

And here is a sneak peek into the other 11 month's, which will become available on the last Monday of every month.

Find mine in June with my Summery fruitful design. 

Until Next Time.