Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Another Excuse......

Whoopsie... haven't blogged in weeks.

 Can I still blame morning sickness-that-lasts-all-day?

Good, Alright. So I haven't been blogging, but I have been working. I've had a few little features, so don't forget to check out the 'my features' tab along the right hand side, I've entered a competition or two, and created a few new collections for my agent ( they are top secret though, Sorry!). 

I Submitted 2 designs for this quarters MOYO Magazine. The theme was 'conversational prints'. 

Not sure if they will be selected but I like them anyway. 

I Also submitted these for the MOYO Competition that was based around the theme of Architecture. 

I went with the idea of subway's and the patterned tiles that are usually adorned along the walls. 

Did I get it right?

I LOVED this months Tigerprint competition, with a shiny new website, it was great to create a mood-board as part of the brief. The theme was Colour, and I am loving Pastels at the moment. 

NO Top 10 this Month, but never-mind. 

Finally, I entered the competition in conjunction with The Ideal Home Show

My design wasn't selected as a top 5 entry, but again, never-mind, its all a learning curve, and I am building on that ever expanding portfolio. 

Promise to Blog more :-)