Friday, 1 February 2013


Congratulations to 
Veronica Galbraith and Amanda Bosco 


That means one thing.... 'tiz the season to be in LOVE! 

Did you download yesterday's FREEBIE??

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Otherwise, you might be here for the giveaway?


So its simple. I released a new design collection on the amazing bloghop earlier in the month. Then I went and had them sent off to be printed so I could sell some bad boys. 

now, I made them as a Valentines collection, it is february after all, However, I intentionally didn't include any words that specified such an event, thus allowing them to be used for a vast variety of occasions. 

Mother's day, Anniversary's, weddings, engagements and female birthday....

Just to name a few. 


Here they are: 

They are selling well, and im happy I had plenty printed, so I have the opportunity to share some birdie Love with some of you lovely lot. 

If you want to buy them directly, you can do so by visiting my Etsy store.

Otherwise, Enter here, and best of luck. 

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