Sunday, 27 May 2012


This week is the last week of SPD course for Module one.

Im a little sad that the last 5 weeks have gone so fast, and I have learned so much about Surface Pattern Design, and for that, I am eternally greatful to Rachael and Beth (So thank you girls).

I am enrolled onto module 2 and 3, so this isn't the end of my journey yet. I'm hoping to gain more insight into the business side of Surface Pattern Design, as eventually, I would love to work freelance while raising my children at home.

One thing that I have come to realise through this course is that I haven't really been utilising my skills as a SPD to the fullest. As I have said in the past, I used to only create my drawings using my Wacom and Illustrator (limiting my outcomes), and never owned a sketchbook. I now own 3 sketchbooks, filled with fabulous motifs, backgrounds and inspiration that I have been using to create my best pieces of work.

Technically, I thought I knew every thing I needed to about AI, but I was wrong. I have learned so many new skills, features and shortcuts (a godsend), thanks to Thursdays 'bonus technical workshops'. Those are priceless pieces of information that have helped me build up my bank of AI knowledge.

My fellow ASPD friends have helped me to no end, with their collective knowledge, thoughts and supportive words, and for that I am thankful. We have gone so far as to set up a Facebook group, to continue helping each other in future ventures. I am happy that the Flickr group will stay open and become a source of support for all 269 of us. Their words of encouragement and support are priceless, and makes me smile. I enjoy seeing such a diverse range of designs from the group, Its so inspiring.

Below I have posted a few designs that have been Placed into products, It was exciting to do. I must admit, I love the thought of my designs being 'good enough' to actually put onto products.

 One Day.



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