Sunday, 9 September 2012

One of THEM posts

Its 'One of them' posts, where its just a concoction of lots of things to share. Hope you don't mind. 

My Zazzle shop has had a facelift, and several NEW items added from my 'Pretty Paradise' Collection:

©JLW Illustration 2012

©JLW Illustration 2012

I have also had an amazing Blog Feature over at MARIA JOSE's blog. Here are a few snapshots of what she has been up to:

Mini Interview:

Maria Recreated my nail art designs on her own nails:

Images ©Majo BV2012

And here are the Original Designs:

©JLW Illustration 2012

And here is a  Giftwrap Collection for an ABSPD exercise:

©JLW Illustration 2012

  ..... And Finally  

Here are a few Christmas Greeting's Idea's that I have been working on:

All Images shows are ©JLW Illustration 2012 unless otherwise stated. 

©JLW Illustration 2012

See you later in the week, and thanks for stopping by