Tuesday, 14 August 2012

New Collection - Pretty Paradise

The last few weeks I have spent updating my blog, shops and other social networking sites to ensure all branding is the same, and making sure I have linked everything, to each other. And it has been exhausting.

So I treated myself a few days back to simply designing, sitting back with my Wacom and a brew, drawing for the FUN of it, and boy was it FUN!

This collection currently consists of 6 designs, but I have all intentions of making it a 10 piece that I would like to license/sell hopefully within the stationary/paper sector, but I really think its dual purpose, so open to any offers (I'm not desperate, honestly).

Its the first collection I feel Truly confident about. Its a collection based on designs I love to purchase myself and thoroughly enjoyed designing every single motif and pattern.

Here is a sample of the collection.

Please Email me, if you are interested in seeing the full collection with the possibility for licensing/buying.

And please Tweet this blog, like on FB or share on your own blog. You have my permission.


©JLW Illustration 2012

©JLW Illustration 2012

©JLW Illustration 2012