Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Kickstarter Project Launch - 2014 Calendars


I applied to start a Kickstarter Project a few days ago, and it has been approved and ready for backing. 

Now don't panic, if you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, have a look here and take a peek at what it is all about. Alternatively, have a read below:

So in a nutshell...


The basic principle of kickstarter, is that you pledge an amount to back me in my project. 

Lets say for example you wanted to offer £10 of your own money, to help me produce a range of 2014 Calendars....

What do you get out of it?? 

Well, that depends, as there are various lovely rewards for helping me (see my project page for more details).

A sample of the A4 wall calendar - Pledge £7 to receive one of these.
Here is an example: 
 For £10, you would be rewarded with a Desktop Calendar download, perfect for using as a background, or printing out and hanging on your wall, and an A3 Family Planner, which will be printed and delivered to your door
 by September 2013. 

So you win too.

A2 double-sided Wall Planner - Pledge £5 to receive one of these

The idea is,  you help me, and you shall be rewarded

Now, here is the catch... I have a specific amount in mind to produce these calendars.... £750 to be exact, and if I don't raise all the funds by the deadline (1st August, Midnight), then I don't receive ANY of the money, and my dreams of releasing a range of 2014 calendars will go POOF! 

Samples of Slimline Wall Calendar - Pledge £7 to receive one of these
So no pressure to help me.....

On the plus side, if you do kindly pledge an amount
 (even £1 is awesome btw), you don't pay a thing, until after the deadline, when (if successful) you will receive an invoice with 2 week to pay up. Then I get paid... and BAM!!!

We have some fabulous Calendars. 

Sample of Family Planner with space for 5 people + additional section for Birthdays and Appts.
Pledge £10 to receive one of these

So What do you say, Fancy helping a girl out???

and if you can't help... Please do spread the word.