Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Not too proud to beg!

Hey Hey beautiful people! 


48% funded after 15 days of being live... That means 14 days left and if I keep going, I am sure it will be a successful project and you and I will be proud owners of patterned mugs and matching coasters!


For those who haven't seen, I had delivery of my coaster sample, using the Retro Geek design. 

Do we like???

So I'm basically updating my little blog, to try and encourage those on the fence, those who are thinking 'I'll buy one when they are on sale' to pledge on my project, because if you don't, then they won't ever be on sale, and you won't get to buy one from me. It's something I REALLY need to see come to fruition, and for that reason, I am actually not to proud to beg you.

*I am begging you to not hold it off any longer...

*I am begging you to help a small independent designer, a fledgling business, trying to make a name for herself...

*I am begging you to spare as little as £1 on the 25th March, to help me see my dreams come true...

Thank you!