Sunday, 3 June 2012

Post Module 1 of ABSPD

I have had a week off from ABSPD and I'll be the first to admit I just want to keep designing, even if just for the fun of it. I adore it. 

Here is what I have come up with over the last 10 or so days. 


  1. O Jenny such gorgeous work! Thanks to Claire smille idea I landed here.

  2. some lovely designs on your blog - it's great to hear the ABSPD course is so inspiring - can't wait to get started on module 2 next week, just hope I haven't missed to much and can catch up ok!

    Best Wishes

    Julia @ pinkamaryllis

  3. I LOVE your header! It fits very well. And I love what you've been working on. I can't keep my hands off my ideas either!