Sunday, 12 August 2012

Ohh Deer Competition

The lovely people over at OHH DEER are running a competition to design some new Pillows (see Below for more information):

Here are my two entries, I created two contrasting designs, one less suitable for the competition than the other, but I wanted to add my own style to the design: 


  1. Love the bottom one! Is that a new pattern? Best of luck in the competition!! I need to make some more patterns, I am getting bogged down in making a website, logo etc and running out of time. x

  2. I love the bottom one too - great design :)
    Hoping to enter the comp to but I'm having the same problems as Lesley, too much time spent on website and branding, and not enough on actually designing!

  3. Thanks Ladies, Im so far off setting up a website, but for now, my blog is enough.

    One day...