Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tigerprint Open Day

Okay, So I have been an admirer of the company Tigerprint since early 2009, when my course at University were set a live brief to create a collection of Mothers day or Valentines cards. Looking back, I'm slightly aghast as to how bad they were, but at the time, they were amazing to me.

Regardless of not winning the brief, I have been entering their online competitions regularly since then, and came top 10 on one occasion (Whoop).

They receive requests for work placements so regularly, its slightly overwhelming to see, so I have never taken it upon myself to apply, family and health aside, it was an opportunity I would have loved to take.

Well now I have!!

A few weeks back, while browsing their site (nothing unusual there), I came across an open call for applications to attend an open day. Excitedly I checked out the details to find a mere 10 places would be available. Thats a lot of submissions for so few places.

Just to see the inside of the company, whose morals lie on allowing quality take over quantity and speed, it would be unbelievable. So I thought why not? I'm in a position now where looking for the right career is within my grasp, and where better than the one company I have admired afar for years.

Here are some of the submissions I sent in to them:

Retro Toys Collection

Rain Collection

Valentines Collection

Christmas Collection

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