Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Iconemesis - Competition Results

So here we are....

Another competition has ended, and the results are in. It was such a difficult competition to enter, a lot of my *ABSPD ladies also entered, and its never easy to be in 'competition' with your designer friends. I'm lucky that it never gets ugly with regards to competitiveness, because they're all just too damn lovely,  encouraging and supportive. 

Thank you Ladies. You are all amazing. 

So here, are the winning entries:

(Click image to see blog post)


As you can see, my Pretty Paradise design is right there on the left. 

Amazing right?
Happy dance.

but thats not all.....

 Dahlia Dream is my fellow *ABSPD friend Anneline's design, and Fake Knit, is the amazing Onneke's design, also a *ABSPD Friend. 

Unbelievable right? 

I'm super proud of us all. Because as a result we are all now licensing these designs to the wonderful Iconemesis, to be sold on iPhone 5 cases, which are manufactured in the UK and of excellent quality. Find out more about Iconemesis HERE! 

Lastly, best of Luck to all those who entered the Front Row Society Leggings competition. 

We can clean sweep once again. 

*ABSPD - The art and Business of Surface Pattern Design 


  1. Love Pretty paradise! Chuffed to pieces for you all :)

  2. Amazing! Lovely designs from all of you... Congratulations!

  3. So inspiring, I ma currently working on module 2, and loving it.