Thursday, 31 January 2013

FREEBIE: February Calendar Printable

Hello and welcome back. 

My posts have been few and far between (two in the month of January), I apologise....

Morning sickness really is a  bitch  bugger to handle. 

But I'm coming back through the other end and I'm beginning to feel more human, more sociable. 

So I will be posting more often...

Get used to it :-) 


As Promised, here is the link for FEBRUARY'S freebie calendar download which was created by the fabulous Tiffany Designs. Find out more about Tiffany Designs over on Majo's Blog.

(see link below)

This is just a teeny tiny low res file, so please DO NOT download it from here....

And don't forget, my calendar is coming up in the next few month, so come back and download mine. 


  1. thank you so much for sharing the LOVE Jennie!!! :)

  2. Very cute calendar...stuff like this makes me wish I had a working printer.

    On another note, the link to your Zazzle shop on your sidebar is not working (and, while I understand the need for a right click blocker, you might want to change what it says...since you don't want to call people "naughty" who use right click to try to open a link in another tab).

    1. Thanks for the reminder Gale, I actually had my Zazzle shop shut down, so it was a dead link. Have been meaning to remove it for a while now, one of the many things I have needed to do on my never ending list.