Sunday, 29 April 2012

Development from Motif to pattern

This evening I decided to use a few of my motifs and line drawings to create a few simple repeats. My usual technique for designing is to draw immediately into Illustrator with my Bamboo Wacom pen. 

Not Today: 

4 simple line drawings in my spare time, have created 3 fabulous (in my opinion) designs. Its changed the way I think about drawing for my designs. And I LOVE it. 

All images are Copyright to J.L.Whitham Illustrations



  1. Hi Jennie, it's one of the other 'Jennys' from ABSPD. I have finally, just about caught up with everything from the course (isn't it fabulous?) and thought it was time to check in with the growing list of blogs.

    Your work here is looking terrifyingly good. The whole drawing by hand thing is pushing lots of us out of our comfort zones, I think. That can only be a good thing, I guess.

    Nice to meet you here.


  2. Hi Jennie, I'm Dawn (nice and fancy) from ABSPD. Great to get to know you through your blog and through the course. No doubt we will be in touch again. Cheers Dawn

  3. Hello Ladies, nice to see you both. hope your enjoying the course as much as me?