Friday, 14 June 2013

Pin-Hop Welcome!

Hello and Welcome to my little slice of design paradise. 

You are probably here as a result of the Pin-hop over on pinterest, and you liked the design I pinned over there. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

The Pin-hop Story: 

This January a group of designers got together and created a pattern design blog hop, which turned out a great success!  But, looking through more than 50 separate designers blogs took ages!
So, after that weekend they started a serious discussion: How to keep the idea and creative input of a blog hop, but make it easier to pick and mix and find just your favorites? The answer was, of course, Pinterest!
Where else can the visitor get a quick overlook and  pick out exactly want they want to see, without going through every link in a chain? And all designs are clickable, taking the visitor directly to the designers blog, to see the whole portfolio. On pinterest you can also make comments, share, like, and save to your own favorites. Perfect for all visual artists!

 Below you will find more designs I created using this 2013-2014 trend board as a source of inspiration. 

I stuck with the colours provided as they go against the 'norm' of what I usually like to use, and really wanted to push my boundaries of colour. 

©JLWIllustration 2013

©JLWIllustration 2013

©JLW Illustration 2013  
If you click on any of the designs above, they will take you to my 'Find New Designers' board, which showcases more of my work.

But remember, you need to head back over to Pinterest and check out what other amazing talent is on offer too. 

While you are here, why not check out what the fabulous Wini Dougall's has to offer on her website? 

Comments and feedback is greatly appreciated, or even just a hello, to let me know you popped by. 

Have fun with the Hop. 


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